Sleningford Watermill 2018

Sleningford Watermill Caravan & Camping Park – Conservation


Sleningford Watermill Caravan & Camping Park has been a member of the David Bellamy Conservation Award scheme since 2000 and we have achieved Gold level every year so far.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards are made each year to parks which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment. Assisted by local nature groups and holidaymakers themselves, David Bellamy looks at virtually every aspect of park management – from the protection of plant and animal habitats to the efficient use of energy and recycling. Helping visitors to understand conservation is also considered an important qualifying feature.

At Sleningford we already have a number of conservation projects and facilities in place but it is an ongoing process and we continually strive to becoming ‘greener’. Below are some of our ‘green’ initiatives:

  • There are several wildflower areas around the park where the grass has been allowed to grow providing excellent pollen and nectar sources for many insects.
  • We have created a bee garden to encourage solitary bees.
  • We have erected bird and bat boxes on the park.
  • We have created a bug hotel and log cabins, a butterfly garden and tree identification trail.
  • The toilet blocks now have low energy lighting with movement sensors which prevent them being left on when the blocks are not in use.
  • The toilet blocks also have ‘push down’ taps to save water.
  • Rubbish and recyclables are now collected in the same bins and taken to a new local depot where recyclable waste is extracted. Other waste is incinerated and the ash is converted into a new product which is used again. We also have a battery testing and recycling collection point.

What our visitors can do to help:

  • Ensure that no rubbish or litter is left on the park.
  • Take away larger items which could be recycled at home eg damaged camping equipment.
  • Clear up dog mess straightaway and dispose of thoughtfully in the bins provided.
  • Dispose of cigarette ends thoughtfully, in the bins provided, remembering how quickly fire can spread from a carelessly discarded cigarette end.
  • Consider using a gas BBQ instead of a charcoal one, as charcoal/wood BBQs are more likely to scorch and kill the grass under them. We offer free use of specially created BBQ stands which help raise disposable BBQs off the grass, preventing much of the damage. (A fully refundable deposit of £10 is taken)
  • Ensure very hot pots, pans and camping kettles are not put down onto the grass as they will also scorch it for some considerable time.
  • Avoid putting fats into the soak aways.
  • Ensure BBQs are completely cold before disposing of.
  • Use public transport whenever possible or share lifts.
  • Don’t trample the wild flower areas, pull up plants or break branches off trees.
  • Walk to the toilet block, laundry facilities or shop rather than using the car.