Sleningford Watermill 2018

Sleningford Watermill Caravan & Camping Park – Large Group Booking Form (4 or more pitches)

Large Group Booking Form (4 or more pitches)

Only use this form if you want to initiate a large group booking for which you are lead booker and if (subject to availability) you wish to be located together as a group. These can be either electric or non-electric pitches. Please do not use this form for groups requiring fewer than 4 pitches, for which the Small Group Booking Form should be used. If you want to join a Large Group booking please use the Individual Booking Form. The form helpfully allows you to reserve promptly a number of pitches for your group. The rest of your party are still required to submit individual forms with their personal requirements once we have confirmed availability of the number of pitches requested. This may not be required for organisations such as Duke of Edinburgh, Boys’ Brigade or Schools.

  1. Input your own general contact details and create a group name.
  2. Indicate how many and which type of pitches you require.
  3. Input your own Individual Pitch requirements. Please do not include the details of your group members’ requirements in this section – although a provisional list of names in the “Additional Information” box would be helpful.
  4. Check the terms and conditions on behalf of your group and click submit.
  5. After submitting your booking form a screen message will confirm submission and you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your booking with a breakdown of costs within 48 hours (possibly a little longer at weekends when we are very busy with guests). This confirmation will secure your provisional booking for 7 days during which time you should call us to discuss the nature/requirements of your group and to pay your own non-refundable deposit. Please DO NOT send any payment before you receive a confirmation from the Park.
  6. A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required per pitch. This rises to £50 per pitch for Bank Holidays.
  7. If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail, please check your junk mail before calling the park on 01765 635 201.
  8. Once you have received provisional confirmation from us, you can forward all necessary information to your party, reminding them to submit their own booking forms. Booking forms should be submitted before they call to pay their deposits.
  9. Where required, individual booking forms for the group members should be completed within 7 days of the group leader receiving/communicating the group reference. Individuals are responsible for responding promptly. Late-comers to the group will only be accommodated alongside the group if space permits.

Please complete all of the fields in the form below.

Group name (eg. Hopetown Canoe Club)
Approx total pitch numbers requiring EHU
Approx total pitch numbers not requiring EHU
Group Leader / Lead Booker's Own Details

Daytime Telephone
Mobile Number
Confirm Email
Date of Arrival
Date of Departure
Number of Nights
Area Preferred: (select 'Pitches' from the menu for a description of each area)
(Electric Pitches have access to an electric hook-up point. Please note the 10amp system on the Park will not support domestic appliances.)
Type of Unit
Please complete the relevant section: (without this information we cannot process your booking)

Caravans Length (inc. tow bar) & Berth
Motorhomes / campervans Length & Berth
Motorhomes / campervans
Folding campers / trailer tents:

Length & Berth
Folding campers / trailer tents
Tents Length (inc. awning where relevant), Width & Berth.
Tents Make / model where known.
Number of Persons 18 and over on your pitch only
Number of Persons aged 15 to 17 on your pitch only and the age of each one
Number of Children aged 4 to 14 on your pitch only and the ages of each one
Number of Infants aged 0 to 3 on your pitch only and the ages of each one
Extras on your pitch only
Number of Vehicles on your pitch only
For environmental reasons and to maximise green space, please try where possible to bring only one car per pitch. No more than two cars per pitch permitted. Second cars are charged at £5 per night.
Vehicle Registrations
Number of Dogs on your pitch only - Maximum of 2 per pitch, no dogs on Mole End pitches.
Please state the breed / description of the dogs. This helps us reunite pet and owner much faster on the rare occasion that a dog escapes a tent unnoticed.
Additional Information: – Please use this section to include any information you think it would be helpful for us to know e.g. access requirements for disability, who you would like to be next to, etc.
I confirm that I have read the Terms & Conditions and agree that my party and I will comply with them.
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Only purpose built BBQ equipment can be used anywhere at Sleningford. However, this is with the strict understanding that after the BBQ is complete, any remaining ashes are not to be used to create any other form of open or ground fire. Fire pits, braziers, fire buckets etc are not permitted. All BBQs must be completely extinguished by 9.30pm, with water if necessary, and should not be left unattended or used close to tents.