Sleningford Watermill Caravan & Camping Park – Terms & Conditions



Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park is a privately owned park. The owners are happy to welcome day canoeists and kayakers as individuals or groups on the understanding that the following terms and conditions are appropriately observed. We prioritise visitors’ enjoyment and safely and the wellbeing of the park and we therefore ask you to read and agree to the following terms and conditions before proceeding with your booking.

By making a booking with us, you have entered into a contract in which you undertake, on behalf of yourself and the people in your party where relevant, to adhere to these terms and conditions. Our agreement binds you and all members of your party. You must ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept all of this agreement. This agreement extends until the last member of your party leaves the park at the end of your visit.

The management reserve the right to evict immediately, any person or party who contravene these terms and conditions, or who in any other way, in the reasonable judgement of the management, cause a disturbance or nuisance to others on the park or contravenes these terms and conditions. In these circumstances the visit ceases, without refund or discussion.

Booking conditions. Please read carefully

  • Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park accepts pre-bookings for kayaking and canoeing from families, singles and organised groups. Organised canoeing activities must be agreed to with the managers of the park in advance of the event in order to check availability. If no contact has been made to the managers of the park prior to an event, they reserve the right not to allow the activities to take place on the park.
  • At least one person for each booking must be over 18 years of age. Children under 18 years must be supervised by an appropriate adult.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking without giving an explanation.
  • Bookings are to be made using the booking form or by email.
  • Paddlers must check in to Reception before using the river. During the season a member of staff will be available to receive you and take payment. Out of season, staff may not be available, but instructions will be visible on the door to Reception. An honesty box is used for payment in these circumstances.
  • No charge will be made if you decide to cancel your booking, but it would be helpful to receive a quick e-mail or phone message if this is the case.


  • Paddlers are asked to remember that Sleningford Watermill is a private park. Access to some areas will be limited depending on prevailing conditions, e.g. number of visitors, weather, time of year etc. Please visit reception BEFORE entering the water. Please note that the use of the river at Sleningford Watermill does not extend to access to the opposite bank; please respect our neighbour’s privacy in this respect.
  • An access agreement has been negotiated with local land owners. Paddlers should ensure they have familiarised themselves with its contents for reasons of safety and consideration of landowners and other river users.
  • A shower and toilet will always be available and access to the Table Tennis room where paddlers may change.
  • Paddlers are asked to observe the signs indicating where the water may be accessed. There is a good launch point indicated off the drive way and paddlers may access downstream of the footbridge.
  • There is no arrangement in place for access to the water downstream of Mole End or upstream of the driveway launch point.
  • Sometimes vehicles will be directed to park on the courtyard area, other times you may be asked to park on the Island area. Please park efficiently and with due consideration of access for other vehicles and protection of the grass where relevant.

Health and Safety – Full Policy available at Reception.

  • The speed limit throughout the park is 10mph and must be adhered to at all times to ensure the safety of everyone, particularly children. If you are deemed by the management’s reasonable judgement to be travelling in excess of 10mph after first caution, you will be required to remove your vehicle from the park.
  • The leader of the activity must also provide a Risk Assessment for each visit to the park although receipt of this does not qualify the Assessments as suitable and sufficient.
  • All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Act and have current tax, MOT and insurance. The Highway Code applies to the roads on the park. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the park without the permission of the managers. This includes towing vehicles. No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the park unless being carried out by the AA, RAC or similar organisations.
  • No shotgun, knife, firearm or fireworks, illegal substances or similar items should be brought onto the park by any member of your party.
  • The river is used by anglers, canoeists and families. Please be aware that moving water is always dangerous, whatever the level, and you enter the water at your own risk. Children especially must be supervised at all times on the park. Restrictions of the River Access Agreement need to be adhered to at all times. A copy is displayed in the Information Room.
  • Everyone should make themselves and their party aware of the nearest fire points. Firefighting equipment is provided on the park. There is a No Smoking Policy in and around all buildings on the park.
  • Kite flying or the flying of remote controlled devices such as drones is prohibited on any area of the park.

General Points.

  • Day paddlers are welcome to use the picnic benches around the park. Permission must be sought before using a BBQ. Only purpose built BBQ equipment can be used anywhere at Sleningford. However, this is with the strict understanding that after the BBQ is complete, any remaining ashes are not to be used to create any other form of open or ground fire. Any form of open fire is not permitted – Fire pits, braziers, chimaeras, fire buckets etc. No picnics or BBQs on the grass area in front of the Watermill building.
  • Dogs : If day paddlers bring a dog with them, it is essential that the terms and conditions for bringing dogs onto the park are maintained. Paddlers should mention on arrival if a dog has been brought.
  • Dogs must be kept on a SHORT lead at all times. Dogs are not to be exercised in the river off the lead.
  • Dogs must have a current annual vaccination for distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis & parvo virus.
  • They should be properly supervised and not cause a nuisance or threat to anyone.
  • They must not be left unattended for long periods in cars.
  • Dog mess must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of appropriately, in the dog waste bins provided.
  • Dogs should not be taken into any of the park buildings. In particular they should not be washed in the shower blocks.
  • All areas should be left clean and tidy and clear of ALL rubbish. Any equipment borrowed, such as a BBQ stand should be returned to Reception in good repair.


You are responsible for the behaviour of all members of your party. Behaviour should be in keeping with the family environment we aim to promote. Behaviour should not be excessive, noisy or disruptive. Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the police being involved. Offensive or aggressive behaviour or language towards our staff is not acceptable. We may ask you or members of your party to leave immediately if your conduct results in police attendance or is considered by us to be inappropriate; likely to cause harm; or impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of anyone; or is likely in our belief to breach any of this agreement. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances and we reserve the right not to accept any future bookings from you or any member of your party.


If you have a complaint about anything during your stay please raise it with the managers or their representatives immediately so that we can take steps to rectify any issues. If the park receives complaints regarding your party, the managers reserve the right, after due investigation, to ask people to leave the park without refund and not to accept any future bookings from anyone from that party.