Sleningford Watermill Caravan & Camping Park – Terms & Conditions


Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park is a privately owned park catering for touring caravans, motor-homes, trailer tents, folding campers and tents. Our visitors’ enjoyment and safely is paramount and we therefore ask you to read and agree to the following terms and conditions before proceeding with your booking.

By making a booking with us, you have entered into a contract in which you undertake, on behalf of yourself and the people in your party, including Day Visitors and children, to adhere to the terms and conditions, available on the website and referred to in the hand-out you will be given when you arrive at Reception to check in. Please ensure that you read these carefully. Our agreement binds you (the person named on the confirmation), and all members of your party. You must ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept all of this agreement. This agreement extends from when your deposit payment is made until the last member of your party leaves the park at the end of your stay.

The management reserve the right to evict immediately, any person or party who contravene these terms and conditions, or who in any other way, in the reasonable judgement of the management, cause a disturbance or nuisance to others on the park. In these circumstances the holiday ceases, without refund or discussion and the company shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred.

Booking conditions. Please read carefully

  • Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park accepts bookings from families, couples and singles. We DO NOT accept bookings from large groups of individuals unless booked through a recognised organisation or association eg a canoe club or uniformed organisation.
  • All bookings commence from 1pm on the day of arrival. No-one will be able to check in before this time. Guests are asked not to arrive on the courtyard early as this can cause congestion with departing guests, contractors or maintenance staff.
  • We allow a maximum of six people per pitch. If maximum occupancy is exceeded, then two pitches must be booked.
  • At least one person for each pitch booked must be over 18 years of age. Only guests over 21 can be responsible here for children under 18 years of age. Identity may be checked to confirm age.
  • We require a non-refundable deposit when your booking is confirmed, within 7 days of that confirmation or immediately on receipt of confirmation if the holiday starts within 7 days, or is of just one night in duration. If a deposit is not received, staff will attempt to contact you, but if unsuccessful, the provisional booking will be cancelled.
  • All stays are to be pre-booked where possible. Pre-booking of one night stays is only accepted between Sunday and Thursday. Guests wishing to turn up’ for one night, eg Saturday, are welcome to do so and will be accommodated if space permits, subject to these terms and conditions. Space is unlikely to be available in these circumstances at busy times, especially bank holidays. The 1pm arrival time is strictly adhered to in these circumstances. Guests arriving ‘on spec’ without pre-booking will be accommodated if there is sufficient space and subject to these terms and conditions.
  • In the case of multiple bookings, for example, three family tents wanting to pitch next to each other, we will provisionally reserve the appropriate number of pitches for an agreed time but will re-let any un-booked pitches after that time has lapsed or when no deposit has been received. A Small Group Booking Form is available for use for multiple bookings. A Large Group Booking Form should be used for groups requiring 4 or more pitches.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking without giving an explanation.
  • Bookings are to be made using the appropriate booking form on the website. Last minute telephone enquiries can be made within 48 hours of arrival to establish availability and arrival arrangements.
  • A booking form is to be completed by each pitch holder (or a lead booker for a group booking) ensuring that they have read and accepted terms and conditions before booking. A group leader is responsible for ensuring members of his or her group have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
  • Tents over 5 metres will only be accepted on electric pitches subject to availability. An extra charge, the Large Tent Excess Charge will apply if a tent has any dimension greater than 5m.
  • Any alterations to a booking should be reported to the park, ideally before the start of the holiday. These will be accommodated where possible. Additions to bookings (not previously notified), either on arrival or during your stay, may not be accepted, particularly extra cars not notified at time of booking.
  • The number of people must not exceed the published berth of your tent, caravan or motorhome. Only “built for purpose” awnings with specialised sleeping pods should be used to sleep in. (This relates to a specific aspect of our site licence from the Local Authority.)

The price of your holiday.

Once your booking has been confirmed and a non-refundable deposit has been received, the price of the holiday will not be subject to change unless the rate of VAT changes. However, any additions to your booking will be chargeable, as will any nights booked that were not used. For example, the booking is made from Friday night but you arrive on Saturday morning. You are still required to pay for Friday night. The balance of your holiday is payable on arrival at the park. You must check in to Reception before pitching up, even on non electric pitches. WE REGRET THAT WE CANNOT CHECK IN ARRIVALS BEFORE 1PM. There are no exceptions to this. The prices listed include VAT. You will not be able to proceed onto the Park and occupy your pitch until your balance has been paid. Please ensure the first arriving member of your party has the necessary funds to pay the pitch balance. All pitches must be vacated by 11.30am on the day of your departure, unless you have agreed and paid in advance for a late leave with the office. Even if you pack up your car and vacate your pitch you will still need to pay for a late leave if you stay and enjoy the park for the afternoon.

Cancellation of the holiday by you.

You may cancel your holiday at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by the park. The deposit is non-refundable and, only in certain circumstances and at the discretion of the managers, transferable to another date within the same season. The deposit is non-transferable in any circumstances if the cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the start of your holiday. No refund will be given if you need to leave the park earlier than your scheduled departure date. If at the last minute, you are not able to arrive on the due day, please leave a telephone message explaining the circumstances and we will hold your pitch until 12 noon of the following day. If we do not hear from you before 10am the morning after your due arrival day, we will presume that you can no longer take up your booking and your pitch will be re-assigned. No refunds will be applicable in either circumstance.

Cancellation or change of your holiday by Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park.

If we are unable to provide the booked holiday and have had to cancel before the holiday is due to start, you are entitled to full refund of the money you have paid.


You are responsible for the behaviour of all members of your party. Behaviour should be in keeping with the family environment we aim to promote. Behaviour should not be excessive, noisy or disruptive; especially after 11pm, by which time we expect the park to be relatively quiet. Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the police being involved. Offensive or aggressive behaviour or language towards our staff is not acceptable. We may ask you or members of your party to leave immediately if your conduct results in police attendance or is considered by management to be inappropriate; likely to cause harm; or impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of anyone; or is likely in our belief to breach any of this agreement. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances and the company reserves the right not to accept any future bookings from you or any member of your party.

Health and Safety – Full Policy available at Reception.

  • All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Act and have current tax, MOT and insurance. Caravans must be fully insured by the owner. The Highway Code applies to the roads on the park.
  • No commercial vehicles are allowed on the park without the permission of the managers. This includes towing vehicles.
  • No recreational vehicles or motorised scooters are allowed on park with the obvious exception of mobility scooters.
  • No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the park unless being carried out by the AA, RAC or similar organisations.
  • A maximum of 2 vehicles can be parked on a pitch and this is subject to available space. Other vehicles such as trailers or boats may need to be parked in the main car park at the owner’s risk.
  • All guests should check in at Reception on arrival. Guests must not pass on their barrier code to other members of their party arriving in separate cars or to non-residential visitors. It is important that everyone receives the necessary safety information from us, on arrival.
  • No shotgun, knife, firearm or fireworks, illegal substances or similar items should be brought onto the park by any member of your party or your visitors. Alcohol should be consumed responsibility with due regard for safety and the environment.
  • The river is used by anglers, canoeists and families. Please be aware that moving water is always dangerous, whatever the level, and you enter the water at your own risk. Children especially must be supervised at all times on the park. Restrictions of the River Access Agreement need to be adhered to at all times. A copy is displayed in the Information Room.
  • Parents must take their children with them, when they leave the park; they should not be left on the park unsupervised.
  • Organised canoeing activities must be agreed to with the managers of the park in advance of the event in order to check availability. If no contact has been made to the managers of the park prior to an event, they reserve the right not to allow the activities to take place on the park. The leader of the activity must also provide a Risk Assessment for each visit to the park although receipt of this, does not qualify the Assessments as suitable and sufficient.
  • Everyone should make themselves and their party aware of the nearest fire points. Firefighting equipment is provided on the park but caravanners and campers are advised to have suitable firefighting appliances in their unit.
  • The electricity supply on the park is only 10 amp and therefore will not support domestic electrical equipment.
  • There is a No Smoking Policy in and around all buildings on the park.
  • Kite flying or the flying of remote controlled devices such as drones is prohibited on any area of the park.
  • Only purpose built BBQ equipment can be used anywhere at Sleningford. However, this is with the strict understanding that after the BBQ is complete, any remaining ashes are not to be used to create any other form of open or ground fire. Any form of open fire is not permitted – Fire pits, braziers, fire buckets etc. All BBQs must be completely extinguished by 9.30pm, with water if necessary and should not be left unattended or used close to tents.


Sleningford Watermill Caravan and Camping Park welcomes responsible dog owners.

  • Dogs must be kept on a SHORT lead at all times and should be tethered in and around the pitch.
  • Dogs are not to be exercised in the river off the lead.
  • Dogs must, as a minimum have a current annual vaccination for distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvo virus.
  • They should be properly supervised and not cause a nuisance or threat to anyone
  • They must not be left unattended at any time in cars, tents, caravans or awnings if the owners are off-site.
  • Dog mess must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of appropriately, in the dog waste bins provided, not thrown into long grass please.
  • Dogs should not be taken into any of the park buildings. In particular they should not be washed in the shower blocks.
  • Only 2 dogs are allowed on each pitch. This is strictly observed – It is unacceptable to bring three dogs just because you are staying alongside friends who have no dogs.
  • If children are walking the family dog, it is important that they understand and comply with these requirements.
  • Please note that dogs are not permitted anywhere at Mole End, including by the river.

If management, in our sole and reasonable discretion, consider your dog to be dangerous or causing a nuisance, harm or threat to anyone, or is likely to do so, we reserve the right to ask the owner of any animal to remove them from the park without refund or compensation. We also reserve the right to ask dog owners to remove their dog from the park without refund or compensation if the terms and conditions surrounding dogs are breached.


  • The size of the unit you are using, including tents and gazebos, must be supplied on the booking form to ensure that an appropriately sized pitch is allocated and that you are correctly charged. Should you subsequently alter your requirements, we cannot guarantee to provide an alternative, suitably sized pitch. (Pitches with EHU are approximately 10m wide.)
  • Pitches are not available until 1.00pm on the day of your arrival. Reception will open to process arrivals at 1pm. Guests are asked not to arrive on the courtyard early as this can cause congestion with departing guests, contractors or maintenance staff. If you arrive just before Reception opens, please use the courtyard facilities if required, but do not proceed onto Riverside or the Island until you have completed your arrival administration in reception.
  • ALL pitches, including non electric ones, MUST be vacated by 11.30pm and all vehicles should have exited the Island area through the vehicle barrier by this time. Late leaves can be agreed and paid for in reception on the day before your departure or on the morning of your departure. (They cannot be booked in advance at the time of your initial booking.) Anyone without a Late Leave is asked to clear the courtyard promptly.
  • We do not accept arrivals after 9pm, except in special circumstances. Please use ‘additional information’ on the booking form if you are likely to arrive after 8pm.
  • If a preference for a particular pitch number is specified, we will endeavour to allocate this, subject to availability but it must be clearly understood that this may be changed and is not guaranteed.
  • We cannot guarantee that family groups will be allocated pitches together if no mention of this is given on the booking forms. If two or three pitches are required, a Lead Booker could complete a Small Group Booking Form. If more than three pitches are required, a Lead Booker or Group Leader could complete a Large Group Booking Form. Please use the ‘additional information’ section on the booking form to notify us of any other information which you feel would be helpful, for example if you have a disability which might require you to be as close as possible to facilities.
  • All pitches should be left clean and tidy and clear of ALL rubbish. One black bag per pitch can be obtained, free of charge, from Reception in order that you can do this. Any equipment borrowed, such as extension cables or BBQ stands should be returned to Reception in good repair. Large, damaged items such as tents or other large camping equipment are not to be put in the Park bins at the end of your stay. These should be taken to our local Waste Management site on Dallamires Lane or taken home for disposal.


If you have a complaint about anything during your stay please raise it with the managers or their representatives immediately so that we can take steps to rectify any issues. If the park receives complaints regarding your party, the managers reserve the right, after due investigation, to ask people to leave the park without refund and not to accept any future bookings from anyone from that party.